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Audit Preparation Webinar
This webinar will ensure that Providers will be prepared for their audit and know the different requirements to plan for. We will be covering: Stage 1 (Verification), Stage 2 (Certification), Documentation and Policies and Procedures. By the end of this webinar Providers will feel more confident and empowered with their knowledge of the stages for the audit.
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How To Become A NDIS Provider Webinar
This webinar is the perfect introduction to learn more about how to become a Provider. We will be providing you with a comprehensive overview of how to become a Provider and give you an understanding of the audit process. Jan 23rd at 10AM
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How To Grow Your Participant Base
75% of Providers admit they're struggling to grow their Participant base. Are you one of them? In this webinar you'll learn how to network and market your NDIS organisation via NDIS specific tactics and strategies.
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Support Worker Training
This Webinar Training ensures that both Provider and Support Workers have
a clearer vision of the knowledge and skills required from Support Workers
to fulfil their role both effectively and efficiently.
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NDIS PRODA Training Webinar
Do you want to make sense of PRODA? If you haven't done a proper PRODA
training, you're most likely confused, non-compliant, and facing financial loss.
This is exactly why ALL NDIS Provider need PRODA training.
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We have 1-2 webinars a month. Check back for updates.

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